Individual support

With our personalized support specifically targeted to your professional experience, you will achieve the goals you set for yourself!


Examples of topics covered: assertiveness, public speaking, conflict management, crisis management, new job responsibility support, stress management.


Our approach consists of 4 stages:


Preliminary meeting and Objective setup

Support plan definition and implementation

and hop! On the road to your goals!

Assessment and follow-up

Team support

We are eager to create your very own module, tailored to meet your needs.


To inspire you, we have developed various modules on recurring themes encountered in the business word. It’s up to you to shape your program with one or more modules or to completely customize your module by mix and matching!


In this collective support format, we offer various types of team workshops, including case study, situation analysis or role playing. Through these workshops, the team will listen to one another, share ideas, combine  experience and skills to eventually achieve the  objectives set by the team – the power of teamwork is fostered to attain high performance!


Vision building

Collaboratively create a clear and attractive future for your organization


Gather and unify the teams around the business project

Collective intelligence

Generate and foster cooperation between teams


Learn and understand the components of collective intelligence – Grasp the position of facilitator – Experiment with collaborative methods


Build powerful partnerships and turn obstacles into opportunities


Highlight the talents of each employee – Develop the maturity of the team – Master the methods and tools of team cohesion

Introduction to creativity

Apply the creative process on a daily basis


Know yourself better to gain performance and creative autonomy – Learn about creative flexibility – Develop creativity techniques


allow everyone to embody their role and responsibilities


Identify your profile – Develop your interpersonal skills – Set up the conditions for success

Votre module

your needs, your goals


Your satisfaction!


We offer training specifically designed to help with skill development.Our unique training combines an academic module and a practical module based on different work themes as detailed below.


Innovation management

Learn to foster innovation throughout all levels of your business


Implement an innovation process – Bring out creativity – Transform ideas into concrete actions

Project Management

Allow your organization to master project management and implement it


The fundamentals of project management – Learn to work in a project team – Pilot your project and reach your goal

Change management

Adapt to the business world- internal or external


Understand the mechanisms of change – Pilot approaches to implement changes – Successfully communicate change